Designing public spaces

Our goal is to make public spaces quality spaces where people can have quality time out. In these locations, the inner flows of the settlement are concentrated; people, materials and information are all present here and can interact freely. Here intensifies the life of the town, the pulsation of the city.

These are the places where a large number of people meet, goods and information can be found, the towns‘ life can be felt more intensified in these areas.

When designing green spaces and parks we take into account the socio-cultural, economic and environmental needs, try to establish frameworks by respecting them, and ensure many possibilities and varied functions for these places and parks.

The design of public areas includes general design and specialized design, we work closely with professional partners (architects, road engineers, plumbing engineers, civil engineers etc.) to elaborate design, authorization or execution plans for local administrations, residential customers, organizations and tenders.

We track all the investment projects, including budget estimation, organization, execution and site management.