Our goal is to make public spaces look quality places where local people can spend their free time. The social life usually takes place in central areas, on streets and squares, in the centers of different institutions and in green spaces.


Designing a garden always starts with a discussion with those who will use it, how they want to benefit from this place, and what are the important issues for them. How they want to feel when they spend time in these places (in the "Living Room" of a private garden).


After carefully checking the plans and location, we can start landscaping which consists of a complex work procedure consisting of several stages, where cooperation of several specialists is needed to ensure execution in dynamic and logical conditions.


We believe that maintenance is an essential part of a successful project. We do our best to use long-term sustainable solutions, but let's not forget that a garden is never ready.

We can help you to arrange the garden you have always dreamed of

"Great engineers and architests, an excellent team, great job and results! Thank you"

Lőrinczi Enikő

“Spirited, hard-working, coherent, kind and serious people who implement project at the highest level of competence. Congratulations!”

Biró Szidónia

The way EGT Landscape had worked, showed us clearly that they like what they are doing. They not only design gardens, but do professionalism landscaping works as well. They are not even afraid to get dirty on their hands. When we started to arrange the garden of the business center, we only hoped that the final result would be great. But we have not thought that some bushes and weed can be turned into such a wonderful thing like this. We liked this project a lot, and since then we like EGT too!"

Szakács-Paál István, Harghita Business Center

"Waiting for a miracle ... Once we met the young and dynamic team of EGT Landscape, the miracle entered our gate. Just as it sounds. They transformed our hilly, muddy backyard full of clay into a fairytale garden. Their professionalism was obvious at the very first meeting. After giving them a few information and pictures, flower preferences they made a plan that included everything, even what we would not have been able to express. During the arrangement works, they completed the tasks in teamwork, and their attention and effort have brought us a dream garden that neither children nor adults would really want to leave. Their professionalism was obvious not only during the works but also during maintenance works. It is a team of experts with outstanding results. Thank you! "

Palfi family

Nature can be part of your home