We assure complete landscaping of gardens

After carefully checking the plans and location, we can start the arranging your garden, which consists of a complex work procedure consisting of several stages, where cooperation of different specialists is needed to ensure execution in dynamic and logical conditions.



It is the first step of the landscaping and it is a must for the works to be carried out afterwards. Whether it is the installation of drainage systems, building retaining walls, the foundation of different pavements or soil fertilization, earthworks are indispensable for going on.

Terracing has to be carried out together with public utility works: installation of water supply, drainage and electrical system, as well as with preparing the land for irrigation and lighting systems.


The second most important factor of the landscaping is the mounting of the pavements. Whether it is a paved road, paving stone or cobblestone, stones of different sizes or rubber pavements in playgrounds, the choice of type, color and texture can have high influence on the image of the garden.

The works are always carried out by specialists who carry out the projects in collaboration with the landscape architect.


Retaining walls and terraces


Often we have to deal with land, courtyards or gardens with level differences, where terraces or construction of supporting walls can provide a very good solution depending on the location. Slope landscaping starts with digging and continues with consolidation. Depending on the slope, several terraces can be built one above the other. The transition between terraces at different heights is made by stairs or supporting walls.

Taking into account the style and characteristics of the house and the garden, the supporting walls can be built of:

  • stones put one on the other without mortar or mortared stones
  • bricks
  • wood: beams, logs, pales. Appropriate treatment of wood is very important for durability.

Irrigation system

Garden desing is followed by the design of the irrigation system. It is necessary to establish the main elements of the system: sprinkler heads, valves, water pipes and electricity elements. We continue with digging the ditches for the pipes and mounting them after all other elements are placed: main pipe, secondary pipes, electrical network, valves, magnetic valves, control elements, rain sensor, sprinkler heads.

After commissioning we have to check if it is functioning properly, we remove any malfunctions and reset the position of the sprinkler heads.


Planting trees, shrubs and flowers


After setting the place and the shape of the beds we can plant the trees, shrubs, bushes, conifers and perennial crops. If soil fertilization did not take place during preparing works, we will take the necessary measures to optimize the soil, providing a fertile layer of 20-30 cm, depending on the need of the plants.

Gravel and decorative bark chippings

From the perspective of sustainability, we often recommend covering the beds with geotextile or applying a layer of just a few centimeters of gravel or bark chippings, which can decorate your garden.

Creating perfect lawns

These works begin with soil preparation, so that the grass seeds can enter the fertile soil leveled with the rake. Under normal conditions (temperature, humidity), the germination of the lawn takes about 2-3 weeks, while with turf rolls the garden can be green in a single day.


Garden lighting systems


Outdoor lighting, LED bulbs placed in pavement as well as plants or garden furniture enhances the garden's atmosphere.

The completion of the integrated lighting system is always a lasting process because the location of the electrical installations must be set at the very beginning, but integrated LED lighting must also be taken into account when mounting the pavement, building the retaining wall and arranging beds, especially if there are lamps lighting the plants. Lamps are often placed in the lawns, so we can assert that the installation of the lighting system lasts throughout the execution of the landscaping works.

Garden furniture

Banks, tables or deck chairs, these elements provide an attractive atmosphere to your garden. We provide the supply, mounting or even manufacture of garden furniture.

During the landscaping works we strive to implement the projects elaborated by our landscape architects.

Our company has a well-equipped machine park that contributes to the quick and efficient performance of the works.


During the landscaping works we strive to implement the projects elaborated by our landscape architects.Our company has a well-equipped machine park that contributes to the quick and efficient performance of the works.