Kensington Ltd

Address: Odorheiu Secuiesc, str. Beclean

Surface: 10112 mp

Date: 2016-2018

Beneficiary: Primăria Odorheiu Secuiesc

Designed by: EGT LANDSCAPE

Execute by: ING SERVICE



After finishing construction of the new Kipi Kopi Kindergarten in the Bethlen district, Odorheiu Secuiesc, we were asked to design the yard and garden of nearly 1 hectare. The place surrounded by hills, close to nature evoked a lot of ideas. We wanted to create something that leaves a mark, teaches, educates, and even after a long time of the preschool years can recall the charm of childhood..

One of the main aspects of the design was to set up a garden where children can get to know their environment more closely. The division of age groups is based on the shape of a branch, with 4 leaves. The 4 playgrounds include a wide range of complex jungle gyms for children's development.

Getting to know nature is facilitated by the use of natural materials in case of coverings and playing elements, the varied cover of plants and the introduction of various native trees. The yard was designed to evoke curiosity and  create opportunities for children to find answers in their own experimental way.



The concept of the project is based on the 5 senses, so we used several types of materials in the garden. The alleys are made of wood, gravel and pavements, and the fall protection surfaces are made of sand and rubber pads. Warm colors such as red, orange, yellow stimulate the senses and activity, so we planted colorful flowers in the vicinity of the playgrounds, while the cool colors like blue and purple adorn the quiet and resting areas. Dynamism is accentuated by soft textured plants that attract different insects and butterflies. Plants with a more interesting texture, such as those with smooth, rough or silky surfaces, stimulate the touch. The perfume was introduced through aromatic plants and medicinal herbs planted inside the playgrounds. The sound is created by the wind that rattles the leaves or blows through and rustles the ornamental grass. Flavors are offered by the berrys of the fruit bushes, vegetables and herbs.

While selecting the elements we wanted to provide children not only with ready-made playground equipment and forms, but also with elements that can be used for many purposes and for various play, depending on their imagination. The court offers a pleasant environment for adults as well so that parents and children can share the joy of playing.

"Waiting for a miracle ... Once we met the young and dynamic team of EGT Landscape, the miracle entered our gate. Just as it sounds. They transformed our hilly, muddy backyard full of clay into a fairytale garden. Their professionalism was obvious at the very first meeting. After giving them a few information and pictures, flower preferences they made a plan that included everything, even what we would not have been able to express. During the arrangement works, they completed the tasks in teamwork, and their attention and effort have brought us a dream garden that neither children nor adults would really want to leave. Their professionalism was obvious not only during the works but also during maintenance works. It is a team of experts with outstanding results. Thank you! "

Palfi family