Kensington Ltd

Address: Odorheiu Secuiesc, str. BarótiSzabóDávid

Surface: 717 qm

Date: 2018

Beneficiary: residential customer

Designed by: EGT LANDSCAPE

About design

We were invited to make a plan for this garden in 2017. The family home near the city center is situated on a narrow, longish yard with significant level difference. The customer asked us to make a design in which the extended garden can be seen as a whole, to find the ideal place for the various functions and to provide aesthetics.

We had to deal with accessibility problems due to the level differences. We proposed such grading that divides the garden into different levels. The customer wanted us to arrange an uncovered parking place at the entrance, which provides parking place for the guests. In front of the house we have built a carport and a small paved area surrounded with planting beds. The lower part of the garden is a closed, intimate place for relaxation. Here is a large lawn area with a garden fountain in the middle. The lawn is surrounded by shrubs and tall trees, which cover the blocks of flats and other disturbing elements. Access to the semi-underground cellar is also provided from the lower garden.

We have done our best to make the garden look as natural as possible, and we also had this idea in mind when choosing the materials. That's why we have used natural paving, wide planting beds, large lawns, stone and wooden constructions.

"Waiting for a miracle ... Once we met the young and dynamic team of EGT Landscape, the miracle entered our gate. Just as it sounds. They transformed our hilly, muddy backyard full of clay into a fairytale garden. Their professionalism was obvious at the very first meeting. After giving them a few information and pictures, flower preferences they made a plan that included everything, even what we would not have been able to express. During the arrangement works, they completed the tasks in teamwork, and their attention and effort have brought us a dream garden that neither children nor adults would really want to leave. Their professionalism was obvious not only during the works but also during maintenance works. It is a team of experts with outstanding results. Thank you! "

Palfi family